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12 September 2011 @ 01:53 am
I haven't posted in a long long while!  Most of this was due to the fact that I didn't have regular access to internet in Germany (no wifi at my apartment) or in my subsequent travels (to Munich, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris).  A lot has happened though!

-Study abroad in Berlin was an amazing experience.  I made many friends from a bunch of different countries and overall the 4 weeks went by too fast.  I've definitely come back a changed person.  For one thing, Germany and their efficient way of doing things has seeped into my brain. Everyday I've been filling my time with errands and organization and general self improvement.  This has been a bit hard though because I got a cold immediately after coming back and I'm still sick with it.  This means I haven't gone swimming yet, which sucks because I really want to lead a more active lifestyle. 

-I want to get a masters degree in Europe.  As I've said, I definitely want to pursue further education, because I feel like I'm not done being a student yet.  I have so much to learn.  I did really well in my class in Germany and I think it's because I was so much happier in Germany and so much more motivated.  I definitely need a change of location to be happy in life.  I'm thinking of the UK and Germany for graduate programs, because English is the main language of education in those countries (in England obviously).  I need to do further research though.

-I'm doing an internship for a foodie startup- it's a newsletter/ website/ promotional vehicle for trendy restaurants in the New York City area.  I manage the twitter and facebook, brainstorm new promotional ideas, and establish ways to contact and network with foodies and media personel.  I randomly met the co founder of the company through friends my first day back in the US and I feel like that's a good omen.  It's an unpaid internship but the founder is so nice that I feel very motivated to help this company succeed.  Also I will get to go try out awesome food around the city with them (I think) so that's a great perk to the job. 

-I'm planning a trip to Montreal and to Mexico City.  Montreal because train tickets are only $130 roundtrip (although to get there is 11hours) and because I've always wanted to visit Montreal.  I know some people in Toronto and I'd love to see them if possible.  Mexico City because I made two friends from there in Berlin who told me I can visit them anytime.  I also have always wanted to visit Latin America, and I have enough American Airline miles for a one way flight there.  If I go I might as well squeeze in Cancun because a NY to Cancun flight is much cheaper, and then I can do a cheap airline from Cancun to Mexico City.  As you can see, I can get a bit carried away with my travel planning.  For both these things to happen I would like a job that pays relatively well.